CV Bullet – Job Matching and CV Management Tool

Native Cloud Software as a Service for Job Matching and CV Management

CV Bullet is a comprehensive cloud solution on recruiting, talent matching and most importantly, portfolio management for both enterprise and candidates. It provides a simple way for recruiting agencies to search candidates from their private CV pool, manage their workflow and analyze consultant performances in order to increase consultants’ efficiency. Some recruitment agencies store candidate CVs in single file and search by OS built-in function, and some use spreadsheet or database such as MS Access to store and retrieve candidates’ data. Understood that managing numbers of CVs using the above methods is extremely inefficient, CV Bullet is developed to allow easy searching, recording and analyzing candidates’ data by only a few clicks. It helps to target your ideal candidate as fast and accurate as bullet. As an HR professional, we offer other HR tools to combine with CV Bullet serving as a complete HR solution.

Our CV Bullet Solution

Secure and Convenient Storage

  • Search history can be retrieved at any time
  • Activities in system will be logged, such as editing CV, search etc.

Easy and Accurate Search

  • Pinpoint search to look for talents with specified criteria
  • Keyword search for resume and attachments

Well-Managed Workflow

  • Job is managed by the flow control throughout the recruiting cycle
  • Potential candidates can be put into the watch list and confirm list for easy management
  • Assessment and remark can be log at any time for a specified job or overall comment

Seamless Report for HR Analysis

  • Allow instant report generating, such as distribution, salary index, experience etc.
  • Consultants’ activities and job status will be summarized
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CV Bullet?

Target your Ideal Candidate as Fast and Accurate as Shooting a Bullet!

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